New Work From Our Recent Hair Series!

BSE_00088_402_140629_0167b_Master_Web_APFAn early release from our recent Hair Shoot!

Thanks to the entire team…Tova Bonem – Creative Director, Jenna Schreck – Photo Asst., Zach Schueller – Digital Tech, Jessie Verroca – Hair, Alexis Swain – Makeup, Tobias Cahen – Prod. Asst., Sharri Ellis – Photo Asst., Chris Beale – Retouching, Hannah McDougall – Model, Tatiane Souza – Model…..Celestine Agency!, LA Models!, Two Management!, Magnet!

New Fashion Work!

Thanks to the entire creative team…Tova Bonem, Ryan Skut, Jenna Schreck, Jacquelyn Fanara, Annie Ing, Amy Charsley, Danielle Golden from Two Management, Chip Adams from Celestine and Chris Beale for retouching…..A special thanks to Carl at Guerrilla Atelier for the dresses!!!